How much does it cost to liquidate a company?

Each case is different, depending on the total debt of the company, and if the company has any assets of value. We are however the lowest price provider of this service in Australia.

How long does it take to place a company into liquidation?

We can get your company into liquidation within 24 hours. We will need to get some company information from you, and then the process starts.

What do I have to do from here to get a liquidation happening?

We will email you with some basic company information required, and then we provide appointment document that the director signs.

Does liquidating a company affect my credit line?

Yes, your credit file is flagged. You can still obtain finance however, but it is of course dependent on your financial position.

Am I personally liable for the debts when I liquidate?

In most cases, NO, you are not liable for unsecured debt with creditiors including the ATO – the debt goes with the business. There are some expectations such as Super and potentially PAYG with the ATO, depending on you history of lodging BAS’s. You of course also need to be aware of any Bank debt you have that may be secured or guaranteed by you personally, and leases and/or personal guarantees for other debt such as a vehicle.

What are your operating hours?

We are open 24 hours.

Where are your service areas?

We service across Australia.