About Thyge

Thyge has spent 17 years practising as an Insolvency Practitioner, specialising in corporate insolvency for small to medium sized enterprises and personal solutions.

He has a wealth of experience dealing with financially distressed companies in a broad range of industries such as Building and construction; Retail trade; Hospitality; Manufacturing; Transport; Wholesale food and; Commercial and residential property management.

Thyge also specialises in the personal insolvency field as a Trustee in Bankruptcy

Qualifications & Associations


Thyge has Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Marketing), and is a certified practising accountant (CPA)

Association Name

  • Registered Liquidator by ASIC
  • AFSA Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Member of ARITA
  • Member of Certified Practicing Accounting (CPA)

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