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Australian Debt Solvers: Who We Are, What We Do

November 4th, 2016

Australian Debt Solvers is all about helping directors of small or medium size businesses to become debt free. We see all types of scenarios. I’ve had people in tears, you know, people with their marriages breaking up, you know, it’s not a pleasant time and we’re there to listen, but more than that we provide honest, friendly advice because we know people are at their… [well] potentially their lowest point. When clients call me, one of the first things they say is, I’m being hounded by people chasing money. The tax office is demanding a payment plan, I’m getting letters from lawyers demanding payment, I need to close this company but I’ve got a quote of 10 or 15 thousand dollars from a liquidator. I can’t afford it, can you help me?

We focus on low priced liquidations. We get things solved quickly to relieve people’s stress. What clients want to know: will the ATO chase them personally, will their family home be affected, will they be able to get finance in the future? In Australia over 10,000 companies go into liquidation every year, so you’re not alone. The majority of them have received conflicting advice, whether it’s from their accountant, their solicitor, another liquidator, friends or family. There’s a lot of pressure on small and medium size businesses to succeed and some don’t. And if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. You can come back from this and you can start another business and have a great success.

When things have finished, I get emails and phone calls saying ‘thank you’ and I just really enjoy seeing people we’ve helped getting on with their lives. And once we’ve helped them it’s just wonderful to see literally a weight off their shoulders from the stress relief.

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David Hill
David has over 15 years in the insolvency industry – advising clients through restructuring of their business. His clear, “straight up” style provides clients with a strong direction of what they need to do, and how the process will work. As importantly, he brings empathy to the process – which is essential at a “high-stress” time for clients.

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