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If you’re under debt pressures, we can help take the stress away

Australian Debt Solvers is a team of qualified professionals who love to find solutions for people facing financial difficulties. With financial experts located across all major Australian cities, we’re ready to help you in any situation.

We give understanding advice that takes the pressure off, while helping you to implement a strategy to move forward. When you’re struggling to keep things afloat, it can be a very lonely and frightening place to be. Don’t go it alone, get some help from us today.

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Our Personalised Approach To Financial Distress

At Australian Debt Solvers, we are in the business of helping people who are in financial distress. We do what we do to help people through the situation they are in, to a better outcome – whether they are a Director of a multi-million dollar company or struggling to makes ends meet with their personal finances.

We strive to be a leading edge, innovative company – which upholds the highest ethical and moral principles – a company that you can trust. We provide sound, expert advice to all customers and enquiries with decency and respect through a more personable approach by offering the following in all cases:

  • We will listen to your situation, before providing expert advice
  • We will meet you face to face, anywhere in Australia to talk through your situation
  • We treat you with respect and empathy – just check our Trust Pilot reviews
  • Depending on your situation – you may need Company liquidation, Administration and Restructure, and/or additional funding for the business – we can assist with all 3
  • We have a team of specialists ready to assist – and you will always speak to someone – 24/7
  • We have offices in all States and major towns – so we are a national firm, with local support

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Despite pouring heart and soul into a business, we understand that the best laid plans can often go away. If you find yourself in a situation where you simply can’t pay the bills, or fear that may happen in the near future, then financial advice or liquidation may be your best option. We know it can be a painful decision, but you can trust Australian Debt Solvers to handle the process with respect and understanding.

Just need breathing space? At Australian Debt Solvers, we offer more than other business liquidation services, and can help you investigate the most appropriate course of action for your circumstances.

While enlisting an administrator is never easy, it might keep your business alive while you reduce debt, restructure, and refocus on sales. Voluntary administrations are quick to implement and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

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