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Australian Debt Solvers works with clients across Brisbane. Our Queensland headquarters is located in the heart of Brisbane, with other offices located throughout Australia. You can contact us directly via our website, call us on 1300 789 499 for a free consultation, or visit us in person at Level 14, 120 Edward St, Brisbane CBD.

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Do you need clear advice and trusted financial assistance to help you overcome financial problems? Australian Debt Solvers provides valuable insights, practical advice, and free consultation for individuals and businesses across Brisbane.

We deal with a wide range of cases, including liquidation, insolvency, voluntary administration, and personal bankruptcy. We take the time to understand your unique needs, and offer custom solutions based on your financial goals. If you're struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel, please contact our team for a free 15-minute consultation.

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Our Approach To Financial Success

At Australian Debt Solvers, we take nothing for granted. We combine expert knowledge with industry experience to give you the help you deserve. We have helped countless people to overcome their financial challenges, with clients located across Brisbane and throughout Australia. If you need financial advice and practical solutions during a difficult time, please watch our video to see how we can help.

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Research About Financial Advisory

Our business services are comprehensive, and our knowledge base is continually updated to meet the needs of the Australian community. We have access to in-house ASIC registered liquidators, CPA ad CA qualified accountants, and ARITA members to manage all aspects of insolvency and financial distress. If you would like to learn more about our service scope, please take a look at our Research Centre.

Australian Debt Solvers offers regular industry updates produced by professionals. Whether you're a large company facing tough questions from creditors or an individual struggling to pay the bills, we offer clear advice and creative solutions to help you move forward with clarity. Our Research Centre combines industry insights with trusted advice and practical solutions.

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Liquidation in Brisbane

During the liquidation process, the affairs of a company are brought to an end. This can be a difficult time, with clear advice and practical solutions needed. Australian Debt Solvers specialises in liquidation and insolvency cases across Brisbane. If liquidation is a reality for your organisation, we can help you to distribute assets, communicate with stakeholders, pay creditors, and manage your financial responsibilities.

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Voluntary Administration in Brisbane

Voluntary administration typically occurs due to insolvency, with an independent person put in charge of the business while a transition takes place. Unlike liquidation, voluntary administration allows a company to continue operating. Australian Debt Solvers provides access to experienced in-house administrators, with our expert team able to create positive outcomes for business owners, employees, and creditors.

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Corporate Insolvency in Brisbane

Insolvency describes a broad range of situations where individuals or businesses are unable to pay their debts. Personal insolvency may involve personal bankruptcy or insolvency agreements. Corporate insolvency may involve voluntary administration, liquidation, or receivership. Australian Debt Solvers can help you to consolidate your debts, manage your financial position, and move forward with confidence.

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Personal Bankruptcy in Brisbane

Personal bankruptcy occurs when an individual is declared unable to pay all of their debts of at least $5,000. Bankruptcy can be a difficult time, with clear and honest advice needed to help you make the right decisions. While personal bankruptcy can release you from many of your debts, it also creates numerous financial challenges. Australian Debt Solvers specialises in personal bankruptcy cases in Brisbane, including both voluntary bankruptcy and involuntary creditor's petitions.

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