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Why Trust Our Business Health Check Report?

At Australian Debt Solvers we have a proven track record of helping companies that are facing financial difficulties. Our team members have more than two decades of experience in insolvency and business advisory.

Our expert team consists of professionals across an array of industries including insolvency, advisory, accounting, financial management, business planning and operations. Our experts have collaborated with developers AVA to create our free business health check software. Try it today.

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Our Business Health Check Services

Whether you are looking to get back on your feet or simply want to have some professional advice regarding your business, take advantage of our free business health check services.

Online Portal

Create an account and log in to the online platform. Complete the questionnaire, view and review results at any time.

Free Health Check Report

A detailed report with be available within 24 hours. It will address key areas of the business including finance, sales, team, systems and risk factors.

Free 1 Hour Consultation

One of our advisory experts with be in touch to discuss the results. They will have 20+ years experience in advisory and be one of our liquidators, administrators or receivers.

Free Business Health Check Report Process

In just a few basic steps you can obtain a free business health check report and have an in-depth consultation with one of our experts. It could be the advice that saves your business.

5 Steps

Create Account

Your path to expert advice is a few simple steps away. Click Here to create an account and log in where you will see the dashboard.

You will be able to view and review any results within the dashboard along with other important information. It is important to note that the health check is not only for companies on the brink of insolvency.

Why Australian Debt Solvers?

Australian Debt Solvers is a leading business restructuring and insolvency firm that provides a range of services including business advisory.

The free business health check is designed to help provide expert advice for companies regardless of their size or financial situation. Many smaller companies do not have the finances to explore business advisory and this is ideal for them.

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Meet Our Business Advisors

The business advisory team at Australian Debt solvers is made up of experienced professionals. Courtesy of in-house registered regulators, administrators and receivers we are able to provide a service that is both affordable and easy to access.

Our team has the experience and skill set required to evaluate your company and provide advice that will put you back on the path to financial stability.

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Find Your Local Business Advisor

At Australian Debt Solvers we specialise in providing strategic solutions for people and companies facing financial difficulties. The free business health check and 1 hour consultationtation is just another way that we aim to provide a superior service in the insolvency and advisory industry. We have dedicated expert teams located across all major Australian cities and are a national firm that provides personal support. Complete a free business health check today and take a step towards success.

Business Health Check Resource Centre

Want to learn more about our free business health check and how it can help your business? Check out the Australian Debt Solvers Resource Centre for more details.

Business Health Check Latest News

Stay up to date with the latest news impacting business advisory. Includes proposed changes to legislation and how they may affect your company.

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At Australian Debt solvers we take feedback seriously and pride ourselves on providing the best customer services possible.

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