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If a company or individual are unable to pay their debts on time, they are in danger of trading insolvent. It is illegal to trade insolvent and it is a matter that should not be taken lightly. This is where the services of Australian Debt Solvers can be of use. Thanks to a large team of industry experts, we are able to provide a range of insolvency services including liquidation, administration, safe harbour, advisory, forensic accounting and receivership. At Australian Debt Solvers we provide free professional advice. This can be accessed by talking to one of our specialists or reading through case studies, research materials and news articles that have been prepared by our team. Your path to regaining financial control has already started.


Top 5 Things To Do With A Landlord If Your Company Is Going Insolvent with David Hill

In this video, David Hill explains things to do with a landlord if your company is going insolvent.


Top 5 Things To Know About Insolvent Trading with David Hill

In this video, David Hill, CEO of Australian Debt Solvers explains what you need to know about trading insolvent.

a director writing document for safe harboura director writing document for safe harbour

What Qualifies a Director for Safe Harbour?

The insolvent trading law, as seen from the eyes of the Australian business community, was verging on draconian, penalising business failure heavily and stigmatising corporate insolvency beyond salvage.

three people dissolving a business partnershipthree people dissolving a business partnership

How to Dissolve a Business Partnership

A business partnership can break down for a number of reasons, but knowing what to do next, including your legal and financial obligations, is important.

three people discussing struggling businessesthree people discussing struggling businesses

10 Ways to Turnaround Your Struggling Business

If your business is struggling, you may not know the best way to fix the problem without some help. We’ve put together 10 ways that you may be able to use to turn your struggling business around.

a businessman walkinga businessman walking

How to Close Down a Business

Whether you’re closing down your business by choice or have been forced to do so, it is an involved process with strict compliance requirements. How you shut down will depend on your business structure and why you’re no longer operating your business.