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The word liquidation can strike fear into most people and many are completely unaware of both their options and obligations. At Australian Debt Solvers we have in-house liquidators registered by ASIC and qualified to provide expert advice. Outside of hands-on professional advice, our team has collated research material for businesses and individuals who may be experiencing challenging times. This includes case studies and best practise examples that outline the process of liquidation and potential alternative options.

liquidation payout money bagliquidation payout money bag

Who Gets Paid First When a Company Goes into Liquidation?

During liquidation one of the key issues for both the liquidator and concerned parties is what will happen to proceeds, and the order of priority of debt.

3 people talking about business liquidation3 people talking about business liquidation

The Complete Guide to Business Liquidation (Updated 2021)

Learn about the fundamentals and complexities of business liquidation. If your business is in financial trouble, there are a number of potential solutions available.

employees discussing if a company will go into liquidationemployees discussing if a company will go into liquidation

What Happens to Employees When a Company Goes into Liquidation?

Employees are one of the main parties impacted when a company goes into liquidation. Many employees are unaware of the process and their rights moving forward. Learn more about what happens to employees when a company goes into liquidation.

a house in the foresta house in the forest

As the Director – Am I Going to Lose My Home if I Liquidate the Company?

The most common question we are asked when clients contact us for advice is – will I lose my home if I liquidate the business.

two people checking if company is in liquidationtwo people checking if company is in liquidation

How to Check if a Company is in Liquidation (Updated 2021)

Many businesses conduct checks on their suppliers, customers, debtors and investment partners as a matter of due diligence.