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The word liquidation can strike fear into most people and many are completely unaware of both their options and obligations. That is why it is essential to seek expert advice from a licensed liquidator registered by ASIC. At Australian Debt Solvers we have in-house liquidators registered by ASIC. Outside of hands-on professional advice, our team has collated research material for businesses and individuals who may be experiencing challenging times. This includes case studies and best practise examples that outline the process of liquidation and potential alternative options. We also provide the latest research and commentary on legislative changes and current economic climate.

What are Creditors Entitled to in a LiquidationWhat are Creditors Entitled to in a Liquidation

What are Creditors Entitled to in a Liquidation?

When a business goes into liquidation, the parties it owes money to have certain rights. If you’re a creditor to a company entering liquidation, knowing these rights could maximise your chances of recovering as much as possible.


Top 5 Things You May Be Liable For When A Company Is Liquidated with David Hill

In this video, David Hill explains the Top 5 Things You May Be Liable For When A Company Is Liquidated.


Top 5 Things To Know About Liquidation with David Hill

In this video, David Hill explains what you need to know about liquidation.

2 people discussing provisional liquidation2 people discussing provisional liquidation

What is Provisional Liquidation?

Whether you’re a creditor, shareholder, or director of a company, you might be considering provisional liquidation to protect and preserve the company’s assets.

company owing money gone into liquidationcompany owing money gone into liquidation

What to Do If a Company That Owes You Money Has Gone Into Liquidation

It’s not an enviable situation for anybody to be in, whether in their personal or business life; you’re owed money, and the person who needs to repay you can’t deliver it.