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What is Corporate Advisory?

  • September 19th, 2021
  • Mitchell Ball

Strategic advice, creative thinking and a wealth of industry experience are among the key elements required to provide effective financial solutions. A fear of failure, mixed mindset, lack of vision, reluctance to change and an overreliance on past performance are some of the reasons why organisations can benefit significantly from business advisory services.

What is corporate finance advisory?

Corporate finance advisory relates to professional guidance, assistance, advice and solutions with respect to major financial activities. The advisory services offered are utilised by public and private companies, other corporations, financial institutions and government entities. They include and are not limited to:

  • Transactions: Mergers, acquisitions and disposals are not part of everyday business. They are unique financial activities that require expert knowledge to ensure a smooth transaction. Corporate financial advisors can guide you through such transactions by providing essential information relating to due diligence, compliance and tax implications.
  • Financing: It is not as simple as deciding between debt financing or equity financing. Many organisations are often faced with issues relating to structuring, consequent investment and exit transactions. These can be avoided by using corporate advisory services.
  • Design and Structure: Companies vary in size, industry and structure among other characteristics. As no two companies are the same, setting the right foundations in place plays a vital part in long-term success.

What are business advisory services?

Business advisory services are utilised by organisations who are seeking expert advice to deal with business problems that have been encountered. Business advisors provide recommendations to an organisation with respect to important financial activities, decisions and techniques. Business advisory services can be used for the following purposes:

  • Strategic Advice and Planning: An ineffective business plan can be detrimental to all aspects of an organisation. Professional business advisors can accurately identify any issues and provide recommendations that will ensure sustained success.
  • Financial and Operational: Accurate financial performance analysis and efficient company processes can improve the bottom line of any business. Debt restructuring and operational changes are often the difference between failure and success.
  • Cash Flow Management: No business is immune from insufficient cash flow or a lack of working capital. Proper cash flow management will allow you to both meet financial commitments on time and capitalise on new business opportunities.

Many of these strategies are utilised by business advisors who have been employed to conduct a restructure and turnaround. Business advisory services are useful if your company is under financial distress, looking to explore areas of growth, or preparing for a significant financial transaction.

Benefits of professional corporate advisory solutions?

The benefits of corporate advisory services are significant and widespread across important aspects of business. They are not limited to companies who are experiencing financial distress, but instead can be useful at any stage of the business cycle. New organisations can receive critical information on financing and business structure while those experiencing financial troubles can increase their chances of avoiding liquidation. Benefits include:

  • Expert Objective Advice: Objective-based advice does not make generalisations. Advisors take an in-depth look into key areas of a business such as bookkeeping, financial forecasting, marketing, human resources, operations and strategic planning. This allows them to effectively analyse a situation before providing solutions for implementation.
  • Compliance: This continues to climb the ladder with respect to organisational importance. Legislation relating to corporate insolvency is constantly changing creating difficulties for Directors and key personnel. Being abreast of key pieces of legislation such as the Corporations Act are among key Director responsibilities in Australia.
  • Maximise Potential: Corporate advisory services can help reduce operating costs, increase customer lifetime value, increase productivity, identify and capitalise on new business opportunities.
  • Forensic Accounting: Can be used for valuation, due diligence, and investigative purposes. Through the use of expert skills, forensic accounting is used to analyse financial information and provide comprehensive reports.
  • Restructure and Turnaround: From avoiding liquidation to sustained success or diversification, restructure and turnaround services are a cost-effective way to explore the options available.

Do I need expert business advisory advice?

Taking a proactive approach in dealing with financial challenges is imperative. This mindset allows you to explore all available solutions in a timely manner and provides your company with the greatest prospects of success. If you are unsure about the financial status of your business, a free business health check is an effective way to evaluate the current state of your business. At Australian Debt Solvers, it is accompanied by a detailed report and a free consultation with an expert business advisor.

One of the main responsibilities of a Director is to obtain independent advice if they need more information to make an informed decision. Corporate advisory services can be useful to all businesses including those who want to maximise their potential and others who may be trading insolvent.

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