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Debt Solvers - Entitled to Liquidation

What are Creditors Entitled to in a Liquidation?

When a business goes into liquidation, the parties it owes money to have certain rights. If you're a creditor to a compan

Debt Solvers - Knowing-Your-Rights

Creditors During Voluntary Administration: Knowing Your Rights

Voluntary administration is a process for determining the best course of action for a business in trouble. Creditors play

How to Manage Business Debt Stress

Going into business debt can be very stressful, and there are generally a lot of elements involved. For example, in addit

Australian Debt Solvers - Business Restructure

Who do Voluntary Administrators Represent During an Administration?

As your business grows or changes, you may decide to make it more efficient with a restructure. The key to success is rec

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