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You could be just days away from trouble

Some business people think “it won’t happen to me’’ and “we’ll trade our way out of this” until they’re past the point of no return. Only then they lose everything when they’re dragged into insolvency proceedings.

(Don’t let that be you).

Even the smartest business owners can sometimes be faced with a situation that’s simply ‘unwinnable’ through no fault of their own – but the difference between smart business people and the rest is that they ask for help when they realise there’s a problem (rather than just hoping it’ll go away).

Get expert, FREE advice about your situation

When you realise that your business is facing insolvency, you need professional advice, fast. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies providing ‘advice’ in this industry, but there’s only one who can help like we can.

At Australian Debt Solvers, we’re Registered Liquidators, which means we can provide you with the expert advice you need. We’ll show you where you stand and then handle your liquidation quickly and professionally (if that’s your next step).

Get FREE Expert Advice

Your Liquidation takes just 3 steps

Step 1

Get in touch with our expert team today for a FREE consultation and find out where you stand.

Step 2

We’ll prepare Appointment Documents for you to sign so that we can then put your company into liquidation fast and take care of things from that point onwards.

Step 3

The company will be put into liquidation with the aim of closing it down in the most efficient manner possible.

We’ll help you come out the other side, so you can move forward

In so many cases, business owners often lose everything when they have to liquidate their business. But at Australian Debt Solvers, we’ll do everything in our power to separate you personally from the business.

We’ll act professionally on your behalf without delay, allowing you to step out of the mess and get some breathing space. We’ll manage everything (for a great value rate) and save as much as possible from being lost in the process.

So you can start over in a better position, ready to face your future.

We’ve helped hundreds of Australian
business owners start over

I had already spoken to a few liquidators. I then spoke with Australian Debt Solvers....they listened, they have me the right advice, and then they did the job for about a third of the price I had been quoted.

The guys at Debt Solvers listened to my issues, gave me a strategy and then did it really quickly. I'm now much less stressed.

When I called they gave me really quick sound advice, and then got the job done for a really good price. I have now been able to get on with my life.

We care about our customers

At Australian Debt Solvers we take feedback seriously and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible



Very easy and clear instructions. Great to deal with



Very helpful at such a horrible time in my life.



After talking to this company we feel we can move forward.. Thank you.


You could be free of stress in just 24 hours

If you’re even the slightest bit worried about your company’s situation, then get in touch with us immediately. You’ll have no obligation to liquidate – but once you’ve spoken with us you’ll know exactly where you stand. To get expert advice for FREE contact us now.